Plantscape Solutions - San Diego
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Plantscape Solutions for Businesses

The PLANTRY specializes on improving the view of any working environment as well as creating the professional image your business deserves.  We can design a new plantscape solution or take over the maintenance of existing plants.

Indoor plants accent and define the interior space. Corporate and Facility managers recognize the importance of a professionally designed and maintained interior landscape to their buildings. They will enhance your company image, boost employee moral, promote professionalism and marketability of your business and studies have shown that plants make a positive impact on air quality, reducing the effects commonly known as "Sick Buildings".

Not only will The PLANTRY design and implement your interior landscape, we also offer cost effective maintenance programs to ensure the beauty. These programs can also extend to existing plantscapes not installed by us providing extraordinary values that include:

  • Scheduled visits by trained, fully equipped technicians
  • Watering and care for the health and appearance of your plants
  • Pest inspection and corrective action
  • Disease inspection with corrective action or replacement
  • Cosmetic care including clipping, pruning and dusting
  • Professionalism and respect